Individual Solutions

Image matters as people make snap judgments based on limited information. It is essential to create a powerful first impression to be successful in personal, professional and social life. Your image which is essentially your message, your communication to the world is mostly visual and it is important to know the science and the art of creating a lasting impact. We, at The Image Alchemist, offer solutions in various formats for individuals to enable them to project an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image.

One on One Coaching: In this format we provide an elaborate personal image coaching solution which starts with capturing complete information about the client which helps in an image evaluation. The client is taken through several clinics which include:

Clinet need analysis : An intial one hour consultation to discover what you need. Together we will set your image goals and talk about the challenges you face.

Lifestyle evaluation & international style scale: Learn all about the different levels of dressing and what your clothing communicates about you.

Body shape analysis: Find out your exact body shape and understand what works for you, what doesn’t and why.

Personal colour evaluation: Know what colours make you shine and which colours to avoid according to your personal colours and skin tone.

Personal Style Evaluation: Find out what makes you so uniquely ‘you’, so special and different from others. Uncover your personal style and walk down a path of self discovery.

Wardrobe evaluation : A 4 hour in house wardrobe analysis session. We’ll try on and discuss the existing pieces in your wardrobe, find out what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be tailored.

Personal shopping:  Save your time, money and energy with our personal shopping services. Just turn up, try on and leave with only the right clothes for you.

Face Shape evaluation and Grooming: Understand what eyewear and hairstyles work for you according to your face shape. Take back grooming tips that are bound to make you more confident.

Fine dining & Table etiquette: Don’t know the do’s and taboos of Fine Dining? Then THIS is the session for you! Learn about table setting, etiqutte and wines.

Body language & Communication: Learn to effectively use body language and communication skills to your advantage. Understand how to read the non verbal cues others’ send though their facial expressions and body language.

Workshop: We also offer a one day workshop on creating a ‘powerful first impression’ with complete knowledge on image related topics. These workshops are usually conducted with 8 to 12 participants, and each participant is also  provided with a personal consultation session.

At The Image Alchemist, we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

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